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I. How to Write an Essay on My Sister in English?

A sister always plays a special role in our lives, as an elder or younger sister. While you write about her, mention all the details related to her as well.

  1. Mention the Basic Details about Your Sister in a paragaph
    Start your by writing about your sister’s name. Also, mention how old she is to you. You can also mention if you have any other siblings.
    Next, you can mention what she is doing currently. If she is still a student, mention the name of the school or college and your grade. If your sister is a working professional, write about one or two sentences about her job, her day-to-day routine, etc.
  2. Write About the Activities You and Your Sister do Together
    There might be many things that you both enjoy doing together. Write about them. You might play, watch television, eat, go to school or to the park together.
  3. What Does Your Sister Likes to do?
    There might be so many things that your sister might like such as dancing, singing, playing, etc. Mention all those things while describing your sister.
  4. How Does Your Sister Support You?
    The bond between siblings is always very special. They spend a lot of time with each other. Write about the special bond you share with her. Also, mention how she supports you in your life.
  5. My Sister Essay Sample

         My name is Sunaina Chauhan. I have an older sister whose name is Nina Chauhan. She is four years older than me. We go to the same school. She studies in class 6, and I am in class 2.

         She is a very talented girl and finishes all her homework on time. She loves to paint and participates in every painting competition that happens in the school. She has won many prizes in painting                         competitions. Recently she won the first prize in the school’s painting competition last month.

We spend a lot of time together at home and at school during lunch break. We also go to school together and eat our lunch together. We go to the park and played badminton. Thereafter, we watch television and also spend time with the entire family. My sister loves to take part in quiz competitions, dance, sing and similar activites.

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