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I. How to Write an Essay on Picnic with Family?

Having a picnic with your family is a fun way to spend quality time with the family. All the family members gather at one location, either in a park or resort with lots of open space and spend the entire day having fun and creating good memories. The below-discussed points will provide a clear example of how to write an engaging essay on this topic.

  1. Describe Your Journey to the Picnic Spot.

    Start your essay by mentioning the name of the location where the picnic was arranged. It could be a park, a village, a resort, or a beach. You might also include details such as how you went there and whether you booked a car, bus, or train. You can also write about the things you observe when you are travelling.
  2. Write With Whom You Went to the Picnic.
    Mention who went to the picnic with you. People usually go to a picnic with their family members or friends. Write whether you also went to the picnic with your family or it was a trip arranged by your school.
  3. Describe the Place (What Did You See There).
    Mention the things you observed in the place, such as whether there was any river, garden, famous places to visit, etc. If it was a resort, describe how it was decorated and whether there was any host to welcome you all.
  4. What Did You Do There?
    Mention the things you did at the picnic, like playing games, eating snacks, reading a book etc.

Sample:Family Picnic Essay

During my winter vacation, my family decided to go to a village for a picnic. The day before the picnic we packed all our things and the next day we left our home at 6.30 am. The picnic spot was far away from our place. We played antakshari in the car on the way to the picnic. Finally, around 10 am we reached our destination.

It was a beautiful village on the bank of the river. The village was surrounded by tall trees and beautiful flowers. The shimmering river water was a pleasant view to behold. My mother had prepared delicious snacks, juices, and sweets for us. My father, my sister, and I were playing badminton. After playing, we sat together and ate what my mother had made for us. We captured so many photos of the garden and the river.

I enjoyed it so much, and I am eagerly waiting for our next family picnic.

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