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I. How to Write an Essay on the Topic of My School?

  • Introduction

Write a general introduction on the details about your school. Then write the name of your school, its location and how old it is.

  • Describe the Look of Your School

Mention the school building colour, playground, auditorium, how many classrooms, libraries, laboratories, staff rooms etc.

  • The Staff of Your School

You can write about the name of your school principal and the number of teachers who teach at your school.

  • General Activities Conducted by Your School

Pen down details like the annual function, sports, other celebrations or extra-curricular activities, and picnics that the school conducts. How students are trained to take part in those activities can also be written.

  • Discipline and Rules Followed in Your School

Write about the general rules and discipline that the school students must follow. You can also write the colour of the school uniform, PT uniform, teams of school, any clubs in school like art club or debate club etc. You can also mention the head boy or head girl or captain or vice-captain in your school for various teams or in general.

  • School Routine

Write about the time when school starts and ends for both primary and higher school. You can also mention lunchtime. Mention the vacation periods followed in your school time of annual exams.

  • Sample Essay on My School Essay

A school is a place where children spend their time learning through various activities.
I study at Orchids the International School, Jamshedpur. It is a co-education school, roughly more than 50 years old. It is located at Kailash Nagar, Golmuri, Jamshedpur. My dad, too, was a student there.

It is a grey colour building and a large playground. The school also has a waiting area and a beautiful garden. It has two auditoriums, one small and another big. There are more than 50

There are two staff rooms. It has two libraries, one for junior school students and another for senior students.


There are three or four laboratories. There is also a room with a bed, where if a student feels unwell, they can lie down there.

My school Principal is Mrs. Rati Khanna. There are about 50 teachers in the school. The school has more than 10000 students. The school captain is Akhil Nair, and the vice-captain is Suchitra Roy. There are four teams, Blue, Yellow, Red and Green. I belong to the yellow team. Each of these teams has senior and junior school captains.

The school conducts the annual functions, annual sports and annual picnics for students and teachers. We also celebrate Independence Day, Teachers’ day and Children’s day. The school also has an interactive club that participates in various inter-school competitions.

All students will have to enter school by 8 am. A grace time of 10 minutes was given. The school has its own buses. Students travel in those buses. I love my school very much.

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