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How to Write Articles Essay on Diwali?

India is a land of festivals. These festivals celebrate the country's diversity in culture. Apart from regional or community-wide festivals, there are certain days that are observed by the entire nation. Let us have a look at how you can write about the celebrated days of the year.


a. Why Is Diwali Celebrated?

Mention the background behind observing the festival or observance. Write why the festival is celebrated. Mention if it has any history, myths, or folk tales. Do not forget to mention the specific characters or how they are the same but have different names in different states.

b. How Is it Celebrated?

Give details on how the festival is celebrated or observed. You can write down the rituals associated with it and how many days it is celebrated. You can mention local dance forms, if any.

c. Preparations Done Before the Festival

Certain festivals or observances require several preparations before the actual day. Mention those, if any.

d. Dishes Prepared

No festival is complete without food. Do not forget to mention the delicacies prepared to mark the occasion. Write the names of specific dishes prepared that day.

e. How Did You Celebrate the Occasion?

Write down how you celebrated the occasion. What you did specifically before, during and after the festival can be stated.

f. How does the Festival End?

Write down how the festival is wrapped up. In some festivals, it is the immersion of idols. In some, it is a family get-together to wrap up the festival.

g. Sample Text on a Celebrated Day of the Year

Diwali, also known as Deepavali, is the festival of lights and one of the most common festivals celebrated in India. This day is observed to mark the victory of good over evil.

It is usually celebrated during the Hindu month of Karthika, which falls between mid-October and mid-November. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Rama returned home, that is, to Ayodhya, after 14 years of exile and defeated the demon Ravana. The locals had lighted Diyas to rejoice at the return of the King. Hence it is known as Diwali or Deepavali.

Prior to Diwali, people clean their homes and buy new clothes, utensils, and other household items. During Diwali, people wear new clothes. People visit friends and family and exchange sweets and gifts. Houses are decorated with earthen lamps. Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha are also worshipped for success and prosperity. People also burst crackers.

This time before Diwali, I helped in cleaning the home. I also accompanied my parent's shopping. We also purchased a few environmentally-friendly crackers. With my family, I decorated the whole house with lights. My mom prepared a few snacks too. We also bought sweets. In the evening, we lit the earthen lamps and electric bulbs. It was a beautiful sight. My cousins had come over. We had all burst crackers and enjoyed a sumptuous dinner together.

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