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How to Write Articles Essay on Railway Station?

A railway station is a place where you will find trains coming and going to carry passengers and other goods.In this essay, students will learn to narrate the various things that are related to a railway station. To describe a railway station, you can write down everything that you see at a station.


1. Write About the Railway Station Location.

Write down where the station is located in your hometown. Also, mention how far it is from your house. Write if the railway station is far away from the market or nearby. Also, mention how one can reach the railway station.

2. What Are the Objects You See in the Railway Station?

There are different things that we come across in a railway station. Mention them.


    Vendors are people who sell different items. We see many such vendors at the railway station. Mention them and the things they are selling. There are many railway station food stalls too.


    You might see trains if they stop at that station to unload passengers. The different trains that halt at the station can also be mentioned.


    There will be passengers running from one spot to another for different reasons. Some might be rushing to catch their train, some are waiting for their train to arrive, and some are coming to see off their loved      ones. Write about them.


    Porter refers to the person who carries the luggage of passengers in a railway station. Mention the porters in the railway station.

    e.Railway Ticket Counter

    The ticket counter is where you pay the fare and get the ticket to the train. Without a ticket, one can travel on the train. You might see more than one ticket counter in some stations.

    f.Station Master

    A station master is a person who is responsible for everything happening in the station. He is a government employee. There will be a station master at every station.

    g.Notice Boards

    There will be notice boards where timings, names and other details of the trains will be pinned up for people to read.

3. Sample: Essay on Visit to a Railway Station

A railway station is a place where trains come from different places to board or drop off passengers and other goods. Most places have at least one station.

The size of the railway station varies depending on the cities or villages they are located. A railway station usually includes a ticket counter, platform, waiting room, a railway building. You will also find some parking space in front of the station. There will be people in the railway stations who will be waiting for their train to come.

There would be vendors and hawkers as well who would sell their food items and various other goods to the people. A railway station is also called a junction when routes take people to various destinations. Some railway stations have many advanced facilities such as online ticket booking, CCTV cameras, Wi-Fi, etc.

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