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I. How To Write Your Best Friend Essay?

A best friend is a person who is always with you in your good as well as bad times. He or she is a person who you love more than other friends in your life. A best friend is someone who we can trust and share every little detail of our life. Writing a few lines about best friend allows you to show your love and care you have towards your friend.

  1. Give a Brief Introduction About Your Best Friend.

    Start by mentioning who’s your best friend. This is easy because you know him or her very well. Start writing the essay by mentioning your friend’s name, how you met your friend etc. Mention if your friend is of your age and whether he or she is from your school. You can also write about your best friend’s nature, like how he or she behaves with you or with others etc.

  2. Write About How Both of You Became Best Friends.

    There might be a story how both of you became best friends. For example, you and your friend might love to spend time together or you both might have some common interests. You can also write when you both met first, or you can think about a particular moment that helped you to feel that you have found your best friend. You can write about those reasons in your essay.

  3. Write About Your Best Friends’ Likes and Dislikes.

    You know your best friend better than anyone else. You know what is his or her likes and dislikes. You can also add his or her hobbies. For instance, your friend’s hobbies can be listening to music or gardening or painting or cooking whatever.

    You might also know what your friend likes to eat the most. His or her favourite food or drink can be pizza, noodles, cake, ice cream, cold coffee or anything else.

  4. Describe the Qualities You Like About Your Best Friend.

    You can describe the good qualities about your friends. It can be your friend’s kindness, caring nature, his or her polite behaviour towards the elders, etc. If you find any one of these qualities in your friend, you can mention them in your essay.

  5. Mention How You and Your Friend Spend Time Together.

    You can write in your essay how you and your best friend spend time together. Mention the things you guys do together like watching movies together, studying together, going for walks, or playing games.

  6. Write How Your Friend Motivates You.

    A good friend will encourage and support you when you need him or her. A best friend will listen to your problems and help you to overcome them. If you have observed these qualities in your friend, you can include them in your essay.


Sample Topic: Best Friend Essay

I don’t have many friends, but I have one true best friend. His name is Suman Sen. He also studies in grade 1. He lives in my neighbourhood. We both go to the Orchids the International School. Suman and I first met when his family moved into the house right beside ours.
We became neighbours and then best friends. He is loving, well-mannered, and helpful in nature. He is also a very funny person. He speaks very politely with everyone and always obeys his elders. Suman is very good at his studies and he is the topper in our class. He excels at sports and other activities also. His favourite food is pizza.
We enjoy each other’s company because we both share similar interests. We love listening to music, watching cartoons and movies, drawing, playing games, etc. Our parents have also become good friends and we often invite each other for dinner. He is always ready to help me whenever I am in trouble. He understands me a lot and always supports me. Suman always motivates and encourages me. I am lucky to have a best friend like him.

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