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Letter Writing I : Introduction for an Informal Letter for class 3

In this concept, students are introduced to informal letter definitions, specifically the introduction part. In this concept, students will be assisted with how-to examples. They are also made aware of the common errors that could come up while starting to write a personal letter.

From this learning concept, students will also learn:

  • The format for the introduction of an informal letter.
  • Salutation in an informal letter.
  • Informal letter in English example.

All the learning concepts of this website have been developed using illustrations, mind maps, and descriptive charts. Class 3 students can evaluate their story writing skills by trying to resolve the duple PDF worksheets. Besides that, the solutions to these worksheets are also available in PDF format.


An informal letter, also known as a friendly letter, it is a personal letter written to people who are close or familiar with the sender. It could be your friends or cousins or relatives.

  • An informal letter is written to convey important news, interesting information, special wishes or congratulations for achievement, etc.
  • An informal letter is written to express emotions and feelings and shared with friends or family or relatives.
  • An informal letter has a general pattern to follow.

Informal Letter Introduction

  • The first paragraph which is the introduction must write in short the reason for you to write the letter.
  • It must also ask about the well-being of the receiver and hope for their happiness and good health.


Beginning Phrases

  1. Thank you for your letter …
  2. In response to your letter …
  3. It was great to hear from you…
  4. Thank you for your letter, it was lovely to hear from you…
  5. How are you? I’m fine here. How is life treating you? …
  6. I received your letter. I hope you are doing well…
  7. I hope this letter finds you healthy…

What do you write next after the basic greeting in an introductory paragraph?

  • Ask about the person you are writing to.


    1. How is life?...
    2. How are the kids?...
    3. How are your parents?...
    4. I hope you all are having a great time in (location)…
    5. It has been a long since our last meeting. I thought to know how everything is at your end…
  • Give the basic reason for writing the letter.


    1. I would like to invite you to the birthday party that is due next month on 13th April.
    2. I would like to tell you about the new school I have joined.
    3. We are planning to visit you and your family in the coming summer vacation. Let me tell you more about this.

When is an informal letter written?

There are several situations when an informal letter is written.

Common Mistakes

Don’t begin the letter all of a sudden. The introductory paragraph of a friendly letter is usually light-hearted. It allows the recipient to know what will follow. This paragraph sets the tone for the letter. Mention in the introductory paragraph the purpose of writing the letter. Keep it casual.


Dear Neha,
Hope this letter finds you in the best of health. It has been a long since our last meeting. I thought to know how everything is at your end. How are you doing?

Dear Neha,
I am inviting you for my birthday which is to be held next month on the 20th of April.


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