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Know Your Neighbour

  • Who is My Neighbour?

         Write about who your neighbour is. Where do they stay, and what do they do?

  • Since When Are You Both Neighbours?

         Write about any experience about how you got to know your neighbour.

         For Example:

    • Did you run into them while you were shifting your furniture?
    • Did they visit you when you got there?
  • Characteristic Traits

          As each person has a specific quality, even your neighbour has such qualities. Write down their characteristic features that remind you of your neighbour. For example,                          Neighbours are generous or helpful. Mention any incident to indicate it.

  • Incident Where the Neighbour Helped Your Family

         Mention any situation where the neighbour came to help you and your family. You could also mention the same where you helped your neighbour.

  • Activities You and Your Neighbour Do Together

          Write about the activities you and your neighbour do together. It could be celebrating festivals or having picnics together.

Sample Essay on My Friendly Neighbour

We live in a five-storey apartment on the 1st floor in the locality of South Kolkata. Each floor has two houses. We were the only ones on that floor, and the other house was locked. One day when I came back from school, I saw a lot of things scattered on the steps and the common floor of the building. I even saw the other house open with a few people standing there. My mom told me that we had got a new neighbour.

That evening, a family of three members consisted of his parents and a boy. A boy of my age had come to invite us to the housewarming ceremony that was to be held the next day. His name was Naveen Jindal. His parents were Mr. Nishant Jindal and Mrs. Naina Jindal. Naveen’s father works in a private firm, and his mother is a physiotherapist. We visited their home to attend the ceremony. Initially, it took time for me and Naveen to talk and play. However, after some time, when more people and kids had come over, things became better. We all had a good time during the ceremony playing and eating.

I realised that Naveen was just one class elder than me and studied in the same school as me. We started going to school and coming back home together. Our parents also became good friends. Sometimes we would go out together to watch movies, go on trips and even picnics too. Naveen became my playmate.

One day my grandmother suddenly fell down. My father immediately called the ambulance. Naveen’s father saw the ambulance, enquired and also went with my father to the hospital. My grandma required surgery, and blood was required. She had a rare blood group. It was Naina aunty who readily agreed to donate blood as it matched that of my grandma.

My parents were very thankful to them for their prompt help. They were very helpful in general, and they have helped many people when needed.

Sometimes my parents would allow me to stay at Naveen’s house when they went out. Both of us then would study, play and eat together. Since my mother is a Maths teacher, Naveen would often come to ask his doubts regarding Maths subjects.

We are blessed to have such lovely neighbours.

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