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Preposition for class 5 English

Simple Preposition

This concept is about simple prepositions such as in, on, as, at, over etc. There are a few simple preposition examples along with images for reference. Students will also study preposition of time and prepositions of place and direction.
In this concept, students will learn:

  • To place proper preposition in sentences.
  • To identify the right preposition for sentences.
  • Usage of prepositions like in, on, as, at, for and over.
  • Preposition of time, place and direction defintions with examples of its usage in sentences.

Every concept is taught to class 5 English students with the help of examples, illustrations, and concept maps. Once you go through a concept, assess your learning by solving the two printable simple preposition worksheets at the end of the page.

Download the worksheets and check your answers with the worksheet solutions for the concept simple prepositions provided in PDF format.

Simple Preposition Definition:

  • Prepositions are words that reflect the link between two parts of a sentence.
  • There are different types of prepositions, and a Simple preposition is one of them.
  • When a preposition has a single word, it is known as a Simple preposition.

Let’s take a look at the simple prepositions. They are:


1. In

  1. The preposition ‘in’ is used to depict a situation where a person or thing is enclosed or surrounded by something else.
  2. If you put something in a container, you move it so that it is enclosed by the container.


    He was in his car.

  3. The preposition ‘In’ is also used to refer to a longer period of time, which includes months,years, centuries etc.


    His marriage took place in June.

2. On

  1. The preposition ‘on’ is to show specific days of the week.


    1. I will see you on Monday.
    2. John goes to church on Sundays.
  2. The preposition ‘On’ is also used to tell about something or someone touching any top surface of a thing or a place.


    1. They played cricket on the ground.
    2. The pen is on the table.

3. As

The preposition ‘as’ is used to refer to the role or purpose of someone or something.


  1. I worked as a salesman when I was in college.
  2. I have joined a new company as an editor.

4. At

The preposition 'at' is used when referring to locations.


  1. She lost her scarf at the beach.
  2. The car is parked at the end of the road.

5. For

The preposition ‘for’ is used to talk about a certain distance or a duration of time.
Examples:‘for several miles’, ‘for five dollars.’

  1. am going to sleep for two hours.
  2. He has been waiting for a long time.

6. Over

‘Over’ is used to refer to a position that is at a higher level than something else.

  1. The painting is over the sofa.
  2. The bridge is built over the river.

Preposition of Time and Prepositions of Place and Direction

  • The proposition of time tells us the link between the time and the nouns to the rest of the parts of a sentence.
  • Some of the simple prepositions also act as the preposition of time and the preposition of place and direction.


    1. He began to work at 6 pm.
    2. There is a holiday in March
  • The preposition of place refers to the position of someone or something.


    1. Ravi is at home.
    2. There is a box on the table.


  • We can use the preposition ‘at’ while talking about both time and place.


    1. Neha is waiting at the corner of the lane.
    2. Try to meet me tomorrow at 10 PM.
  • Don’t get confused with the usage of beside and besides. Their spelling is the same, but they are used in different contexts.

    Incorrect and Correct Usage:
    He is sitting beside. ✅
    He is sitting besides me. ❌
    Besides his parents, his relatives will also come. ✅
    Beside his parents, his relatives will also come. ❌

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