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Organizing Writing : Concept - Sequencing a Story

Definition :

  • Story sequencing is a method to find out the beginning, middle and conclusion of the story.
  • Sequencing is placing things in the right order.

The sequence of a story will be as follows:


Examples :

The Birthday Cake


This is Sneha. She is a baker. Today, she is baking a birthday cake for her friend. She mixed all the ingredients and prepared the batter for the cake. Now the batter is ready. She slowly kept the batter inside the oven. After baking it inside the oven for some time, the cake was ready. Now, she decorated the cake with some icing on the top. Lastly, she put a candle above it.

How to Create the Story Sequence through Images?

Take a look at the images given below and their sequence.

Title: Neha’s Morning Routine


Now, let’s create the story by following the steps given below.

  1. Observe the pictures.
  2. See the characters present in the images.

    We can see some characters in the images. They can be people, animals, plants or objects. The names of the characters in the story are known as naming words.

    Examples :

    Neha, bed, toothbrush, bowl, spoon, and food.

  3. Try to understand the action in the picture.

    See the actions of the character in the story. Pick out what happened first, then second, and then last in the story. The actions of the character can be described using action words.

    Examples :

    First: It was early morning when Neha woke up from her bed.

    Second: Then brushed her teeth.

    Last: She had her breakfast.

Common Mistake

Make sure to observe the flow of the story carefully. Don’t be in a hurry and miss the sequence of the story.

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