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Picture Comprehension for class 5 English

Picture reading in English is a major fun activity that helps a child in the development of language skills. Apart from that, it also assist the child to develop observation skills, analysing skills, visual thinking, and self-confidence to read. In thic chapter students will know picture comprehension definition, usage and everything else related to it.

In this learning concept, students will learn:

  • Active and passive voice definition.
  • Uses of active and passive voice.
  • Types of voice in grammar with examples.
  • Rules for changing active voice to passive voice.
  • Pronouns used in Active and Passive Voice

Every concept for class 5 English students consists of examples, illustrations, and mind maps. They can assess their understanding of the concept by solving the two printable PDF change active voice to passive voice worksheets given at the end of the page. Thereafter check with the solutions provided in PDF format.


A picture comprehension is an activity upon which questions are made to examine the student’s ability to comprehend the content of the given picture and to extract information and meanings from it.


Look at the picture below. You’ll find interesting details about the picture so observe it carefully. Now answer the questions that follow it.

  1. How many children are there in the picture?
    Answer:There are four children in the picture.
  2. What are the birds doing?
    Answer:The birds are flying in the sky..
  3. What is the man in the yellow shirt doing in the picture?
    Answer:The man in the yellow shirt is cooking..
  4. What are the children doing in the picture?
    Answer:Two of the children are having snacks, and the other two are playing ball in the picture..

Hints to find details in a picture:

  1. Observe the picture fairly quickly to get a general idea.
  2. Notice the surroundings of the picture.
  3. When we are trying to infer information from a picture, we always need to observe carefully and see what action is happening.
  4. Look at the picture and see how many characters are present in it. Also, try to find out if there is any main character present in the picture.
  5. Try to find if there are any sentences while the characters.
  6. Notice where the story takes place.
  7. Try to answer the questions asked from the picture and use meaningful words and sentences looking at the picture.


Characters: There are ten people in the picture
Action each character does: Some of them are buying things from the vendor, two girls are walking on the road, few of them are talking to the salesman.
Objects: There is a clothing store, vegetable store, and a café in the picture.
Location:The place in the picture is a shopping complex.

Common Mistakes

The mistake in picture comprehension occurs when children are able to read the questions but fail to comprehend them. Remember, you don’t have to write everything that comes to mind. First, read the question and give a proper answer. Don’t add unnecessary information in your answer unless asked.



What is the man in the picture doing?


The man in the picture is selling vegetables. 

The man in the picture is selling vegetables. He is wearing an orange shirt and blue pants. 

Note: Don’t add additional information if not asked.

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