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Picture Comprehension : Picture Comprehension for Class 4 English

Picture comprehension for class 4 is an activity where children observe pictures, spot interesting details and answer questions about the picture.
In this learning concept, students will learn:

  • What is picture comprehension?
  • Examples of picture comprehension with questions and answers.
  • Points to follow while doing picture comprehension.
  • Importance of picture comprehension.

All the concepts covered in English Grammar using illustrations, mind maps and examples. Students can check their understanding by solving the respective worksheets. Download the worksheets and check the answers provided in PDF format.

What is Picture Comprehension?

  • Picture comprehension is an activity where you look at the picture for details and then answer some simple questions about the picture.
  • The simple questions are usually based on who, what, where, why, etc.,


Some questions you might find in the picture comprehension are as follows:

  1. Where are the children playing?
    Answer:The children are playing in the park.
  2. How many children are playing?
    Answer: Six children are playing.
  3. How many are reading?
    Answer:One child is reading a book with her grandmother.
  4. What activities are happening in the picture?
    Answer:The picture is of a park where an old lady is sitting with a girl, and both of them are reading a book. There is a boy behind the bench who is probably trying to hide. The two children are climbing up the tree. There is a girl who is riding her bike and a boy with a pet is running behind her.

Points we should follow while doing picture comprehension:

  • Observe the picture carefully and try to get the main idea about it.
  • Notice the setting or surroundings of the picture. Try to comprehend where the story took place.
  • Try to look at the picture and notice who the main character is or how many characters are present in the picture.
  • It is very important to observe and see what action is happening in the picture.
  • Ask yourself questions about the picture and use simple sentences to describe what is present or happening in the picture.
  • Avoid adding irrelevant details in your answer.


Carefully observe the picture and try to understand the context behind it.


  1. Who is in the picture?
  2. What are the children’s name?
  3. What time is it?
  4. What did they put on the ground?
  5. Do you think it is a holiday?
  6. What are they eating?
  7. Give a suitable title to the picture.

Answer :

  1. There is a family in the picture.
  2. The name of the girl is Zoe and the boy is Peter.
  3. It is a pleasant morning.
  4. They had put a mat on the ground for food and refreshments.
  5. Yes, it can be a holiday.
  6. They are eating sandwiches, salad, and chips.
  7. A picnic day.

Why picture comprehension is important?

  • Learning to spot details from a picture can help you get ready for reading comprehension.
  • Picture comprehension allows children to decipher the meaning of a picture, and they can use simple sentences to describe what is happening in the picture. It improves their observation and creative skill.
  • It’s a great activity to start understanding beyond text.
  • Picture comprehension is all about understanding comprehension and retaining information.
  • It helps you to give an insight into what the author believes, visualize the context of the text and learn the specific vocabulary.

Common Mistakes:

Don’t give vague or unnecessary information. Read the question once or twice and try to find answers from the picture.



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