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Sample Essay: A Visit to the Guwahati Planetarium

On one fine Sunday, my family and I decided to visit the Guwahati Planetarium. It was the beginning of my summer vacation; hence I was very excited. All the family members woke up early in the morning and got ready to leave for the Planetarium.

We went there by car. After reaching the Planetarium, we saw a large, round dome-shaped roof. The Guwahati planetarium ticket price was quite reasonable. We were very excited to see the Planetarium. It was very big and beautiful. The dome was white in colour and the rest of the building was in the red colour. When we went inside, it was large and dark. They gave us spectacles to put on. We put on the spectacles and saw the roof. It looked very beautiful. We sat on our seats and got ready to see the show. The seats were very comfortable.

As soon as we looked up at the roof, we could see the Space. Then we saw the painting of planets like Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Earth, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto and stars.

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