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Sample on Describe Your Best Friend

Life is incomplete without friends. A best friend is the one who is always there for you, a person with whom you can share your emotions, opinions, happiness, and sadness.
Diya Raj is my best friend. She is in class IV and from a different school too. She studies at Calcutta International School. She lives with her parents, her elder sister, and a pet. Her sister is in the same school as mine in class 1X.
I first met Diya at a friend’s birthday party. I remember that the piece of cake that I had got fell on the ground. It was Diya then, who shared with me the piece that she got. It was so kind of her. Then we played with each other and had food also together.

One day I saw her standing with her father near the bus stand from where I board my school bus. That is when I understood that she lives in the same locality as me. We met daily. I told my parents also about her. We all visited their home too.
We play together, sometimes even study together. We have gone out together to movies and restaurants with our families.
She is my best friend because I can share anything with her. I love the way she takes care of her pet dog, Mili. She is very affectionate. Whenever I have any doubts regarding school lessons, I ask her and she makes me understand so well. She loves to play just like me.

She also learns drawing and dancing. She is very good at drawing and guides me too in that. I have also started liking to draw and colour pictures. She loves to eat just anything that her mom cooks. I have noticed that she is not very fussy about food unlike me.
She loves to watch animation movies. She also likes to read short story books. Green is her favourite colour. Knowing that it is her favourite colour, my parents even got a green dress for her as a birthday gift.

I am lucky to have a best friend like Diya.

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