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Sample Write-Up on Visit to a Movie Theatre

There was this new movie which had released when my exams were going on. I requested my father to take me to a movie theatre as my friends had told me that the movie is fun to watch in a theatre.
My father agreed and promised me take me to the theatre once the final exams are over. That Friday night mom told me that tomorrow we are going to watch the movie ‘The Sweet Angels’. I jumped in joy. Saturday afternoon, we had lunch and got ready for a visit to a movie theatre. My father, mother, elder sister and me went in a taxi.
I was very excited. It was my first visit to a movie theatre. We visited the iMax cinema hall. On reaching there my father immediately booked the tickets for four of us. I saw people buying popcorn. Dad too bought two cups of popcorn. Then all of them stood in a line , we too followed. Soon we entered. A man asked my dad seat numbers, dad showed the movie tickets and he guided us to our seats.
I saw many people trying to figure out their seats. Soon it became dark. All stood up as the national anthem was played. The movie started. The movie started with cartoon figures of three little angels, Molly, Sally and Katie. I was watching it in wonder. The characters looked so cute. All four of us were having the yummy popcorn.
Suddenly one of the angels Katie was trapped by a witch woman. I felt so sad on seeing that. How will the little angel be saved? I wondered. Then suddenly the screen shows interval. Mom took me and sister to the toilet. Dad came out with us to buy water.
Soon we entered back the hall. The witch treated the little angel so badly. I got scared and felt pity on the poor angel. However, towards the end the other two angels rescued Katie. I started clapping my hands on seeing that. My dad told to be quiet and not to make any noise. The movie got over.
All got up from seats and stood in line to exit from the hall. I was still in that world of the angels. We came out and visited a nearby café. My sister and me had an Oreo shake. My parents had coffee and cake. All of us liked the movie and enjoyed watching it. We returned home. I was in a fantasy world of the three little angels. I had a wonderful theatre experience.

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