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Sentence Construction : Concept - Stretch a Sentence


  • You can stretch a sentence by adding one or more detail to the sentence.
  • It can be a word, more than a word, a phrase.
  • Stretching a sentence makes the sentence more interesting and helps in giving more information.



After stretching the sentence, it becomes:

The boy goes to school by bus.

How Can you Stretch a Sentence?

The best way to stretch a sentence is by adding more details to the sentence. Let’s understand it better with the help of an example.



Now, we can stretch this sentence by adding more details to it. Simply, ask questions such as:


So, the final sentence would be as follows:


You can ask the below questions to get more information to write about the things you observe in your surroundings.

Questions What They Indicate
Who? Indicates the person, animal, or thing.
What? Explains the subject of the person, action, or thing.
Where? Indicates the location of the person, thing, or animal.
When? Indicates when the event took place.
How? Explains the way the event took place.

Common Mistake:

Don’t write too much many information. It can make your sentence too cluttered.


  • She had noodles for her breakfast.
  •   She had noodles with egg and salad for her breakfast in the morning.
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