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Articles : Use a, an and the for Class 3 English

Articles help to indicate the reference made to a noun in a sentence This concept specifies the definition , types, and usage of articles for class 3. Students get a chance to revise the articles a an the rules with examples which makes it easler to understand the concept.

Students will learn from this concept is:

  • To use definite and indefinite articles.
  • To give examples of how to use articles in sentences.
  • To understand the exceptions and common mistakes made while using a, an & the.

All the grammar concepts have been explained interestingly using illustrations, examples, and mind maps. Students can check their understanding by trying to solve the two printable article worksheet for class 3 given at the end of the page. Apart from the questions, the solutions are also available for them in PDF format.


  • Articles are words that are used before nouns.
  • The three articles used in English are ‘a’, ‘an’, and ‘the’.
  • They show the number of singular nouns (a, an) and also specify which noun is being described (the).


  • The main function of an article is to specify if we are denoting something general or specific.

Types of Articles

Usage of Indefinite Articles

  1. The indefinite article ("a" or "an") is used with singular countable noun that is specific or unknown.


    1. Would you buy me a pen from that shop? (‘a’ is used before a consonant)
    2. I want to buy an umbrella. (‘an’ is used before a vowel)

In the above example, it cannot be identified which pen or umbrella the speaker is talking about, it could be any type irrespective of color, brand or price, or quality. So an indefinite article ‘a’ or ‘an’ is used.

     2. The article ‘a’ is used before singular nouns that start with a consonant sound.For                         instance,a boy, a table.

     3. The article ‘an’ is used before singular nouns that start with a vowel sound. For                             instance, an apple, an umbrella.

     4. The articles ‘a’ or ‘an’ is used when a singular countable noun is mentioned for the first                  time.

Usage of the Definite Article

  1. The definite article ‘the’ is used when the reader knows what specific noun the speaker talks about.
  2. It is used before a singular or plural noun.
  3. The article is also used before the name of oceans and planets.


         The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean in the world.

Common Mistakes

  1. Using the wrong article with job titles.


    • I am an architect.
    • I am a architect.

    You must use an article if you are talking about your job. If there is only one job in a company or a particular person handling the situation, use the definite article, ‘the’.


    “Today, I will be the pilot for this flight.” However, when talking about a profession in general, then it changes to “I am a pilot”.

  2. If there is an adverb or an adjective before the noun, you must use an article before the adjective of a singular count noun.


    • tickShe's a busy woman.
    • She's busy woman.
  3. For most public places, a definite article, ‘the’ must be used even if there is more than one.


    • tickI'm going to the library.
    • crossI'm going to library.
    • tickHe's at the grocery store.
    • crossHe's at grocery store.
  4. Do not use the definite article for plural countable nouns and uncountable nouns. The indefinite article can be used for regular singular count nouns. However, it is common to use the plural form.


    • tickI like grapes
    • crossI like the grapes.
  5. It is a must to use the definite article ‘the’ followed by a superlative adjective.


    • tickShe is the best player in the team.
    • crossShe is best player in the team.
    • tick This is the most wonderful cake I have ever had.
    • crossThis is most wonderful cake I have ever had.
  6. Don’t use articles prior to geographical nouns. Never use articles while describing a particular lake, country, city, state, mountain, street, or even continent.


    • tickOur flight to Kolkata was delayed
    • crossOur flight to the Kolkata was delayed.


1. Usually, with geographical nouns, articles are not used. However, the article ‘the’ is used with      mountain ranges, for countries whose names are plural, and with countries whose names            have words like kingdom, states, or republic.


With Mountain ranges

  • tickHave you ever been to the Himalayas?
  • crossHave you ever been to Himalayas?

With countries that have plural names

  • tickHave you ever visited the Bahamas?
  • crossHave you ever visited the Bahamas

With countries that have kingdoms, states, or republic in their names

  • tickMy aunt lives in the United Kingdom
  • crossMy aunt lives in United Kingdom.
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