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I. What is a Diary Entry?

A diary entry is a kind of recount in which the writer explains what has happened. It has personal thoughts, events and feelings. Usually, it is arranged in an order in which the things actually happened.

  • What is a Diary Entry on Your Birthday?

A diary entry on your birthday is writing about how you spent your birthday or what you did on the occasion of your birthday. The diary entry needs to sound as if the person has written it, so it must be written from their point of view.

  • How to Write a Diary Entry in English on Your Birthday?

Since a diary entry of your birthday is an account written about your birthday, it is vital to include the date or mention when it is written.

Mention all the activities you did on your birthday. Mention who wished you. Did you go to school that day? Did you distribute sweets in your class? Did anybody give you gifts or cards? Did you have a birthday party at your home? Mention all these details in your diary entry on your birthday.

It should be in a conversational tone because it will have informal words, phrases and personal opinions.

  • Tips for a Good Diary Entry on Your Birthday

Mention the setting in the introduction so that it is clear what your topic is. You can answer the following questions:

    • Who?
    • What?
    • Where?
    • When?
  • Diary Entry Format

A well-written diary entry will have a proper structure. It will have a proper layout and will be divided into unified parts, so which makes the reading easier.

  • Sample Diary Entry: Write A Diary Entry Expressing Your Feelings on Your Birthday

Last week I got a big birthday surprise. My birthday was on 31st April 2022. My parents, as usual, wished me the morning. Mom gave me a packet of candies and told me to distribute them among my classmates and the others on the school bus, which I travel daily.

I went to school, and my classmates, friends, and teachers wished me ‘Happy Birthday!’. Two of my classmates gave me handmade birthday greeting cards.

After school, I reached home by 3:30 pm. My mom had prepared my favourite lunch items. Surprisingly after some time, my dad arrived. I asked him why he was earlier than usual. He replied he was feeling uneasy, so he left the office early.

At 6 pm, mom gave me new clothes and told me to wear them. I was happy and immediately wore them. I guessed that there must be some surprise for me as mom and dad were all dressed up. Then we step out of the home and go straight up to the terrace. I see the entire terrace is decorated with streamers and balloons. I saw my friends and their families. As soon as I entered, all started clapping hands. I could see a beautiful chocolate cake on the table. I was so happy to see all of them. It was the best surprise I ever got.

Everyone had got me gifts which were kept on the table. We cut the cake, and everyone sang the song “Happy Birthday to you” to me. Thereafter, it was distributed among all. Mom and dad had prepared some of my favourite dishes like sweet pudding, chilli chicken, fried rice, and snacks.

I was equally surprised and happy that day. It was one of the most wonderful birthdays I have ever had.

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