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What Is a Notice?

A notice is a formal document that aims to communicate or pass information to a group of people. Notices are often displayed in schools, apartments, colleges, offices or even newspapers. Let us have a look at how to go about notice-writing for a competition.

1) What Is Notice Writing?

     Notice writing is done to give people a piece of information. They are put up in a common area which is easily accessible so that the concerned people can read them.

2) How to Write a Notice for a Competition?

    Check the points below on how to write a notice when it comes to informing a group of people about a competition. It could be a notice at an essay writing competition or a notice writing at a debate competition.

    • The title must be in clear capital letters, ‘NOTICE’.
    • The name of the school, college, or society should be mentioned.
    • A short heading can be included with a date.
    • The body of the notice should briefly state the purpose of the notice.
    • The information in the notice should be clear, direct, and comprehensive.
    • The notice must end with the signature of the authority, and the designation
    • Lastly, check for grammar errors, if any.


3) Notice Writing Format for a Competition :

The School Name



Subject: A short title regarding what the notice is about

Body: What the notice is all about? It will include details like when, where and the event in details with criteria event and contact person details.

Signature of the concerned authority

(Name, designation, school name, contact details, signature)

i) Sample of Notice Writing for a Competition

Orchids The International school



Date: 1-05-22
Title: Essay Writing Competition

An essay writing competition will be organized on the occasion of
Rabindranath Tagore birth anniversary on 7th May, 2022. The
program will start at 10:00 am and end by 1:00 pm. The topic will
be shared one-day prior.

Interested students can contact your English teacher for the same.
Viren Singh,
Cultural Head,
Orchids the International School, Mumbai.

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