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Writing a Shape Poem : Shape Poem for Class 3 English

This concept will support students of class 3 to understand shape poem definition, usage and examples. Students will also be able to know the blunders that could occur while writing a shape poem. Shape poem for kids enhance creative writing skills in students.

From this learning concept students will learn to write a concrete poem and the factors to consider while creating such a poem. The concept is abundant with concrete poem examples.

All learning concepts have been skilfully developed by subject matter experts using illustrations, mind maps, and relatable examples. After going through the learning concepts, class 3 students can check their understanding of the same by attempting to solve the two shape poem worksheets. These worksheets come with their solutions in PDF format.

What is Shape Poem?

Shape poetry, also known as concrete poetry, is poetry that is written in the shape of the object it speaks about. For example, a poem about a bell would take the shape of a bell.


The poem is on a rainbow therefore it is written in the shape of a rainbow.

The poem is in the shape of a hand as the poem is on a hand.

How to Write Easy Shape Poem?

  1. Think of a person or object or animal or an activity you would like to describe.
  2. Consider the words or sentences that describes that object. You can write on how you feel about it.
  3. Draw a shape that signifies the subject that you have written about. Draw the outline of the object. Once you've drawn your shape, just write your poem inside it or outline the picture with your poem!
  4. Thereafter transform your sentences or words into a poem. It can be in rhyming words or just about what you feel.

A shape poetry on a star:

The Star
Oh, pretty star, shine and sparkle,
Above us in the sky, glow and twinkle
Moon and the star, adores each other
Shines at night and makes the sky look bright
Be my guiding light, never fade little star, always
twinkle like a dot of magic. All the night twinkle
like a guiding light for us. A heavenly body filled with lustre.


Common Mistakes

  1. To write a shape poem, you must brainstorm ideas, create the shape pattern, and then add the poem so it sits within the pattern properly.
  2. Make a list of related words describing the topic so that you can use them to write a poem.
  3. Do emphasize the five senses. Use sensory detail to make your poem come alive. Consider how the main topic of your poem might, look, sound or smell or taste, and feel. Include sensory details to make your poem visually descriptive.
  4. Once the poem is written arrange it within the shape. Write the text directly into the shape and ensure that it stays within the shape. This is a vital step in making a shape or a concrete poem.



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