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What Is an Email?

An email is a way of sending messages from one person to another through the use of a computer and the internet. Electronic mail helps us to exchange messages between people with the help of electronic devices.


a. Types of Email

There are mainly two types of email: Formal Email and Informal Email. What is formal email writing? A formal letter is usually written to teachers, principals, colleagues, seniors, etc. and not to friends or family members. What is informal email writing? An Informal letter is one that is written to friends or family members. Personal and casual language is used while writing an informal letter.

b. Email Writing Format


Here, you have to write about the name of the person to whom the mail is sent.


CC or BCC is mostly used in formal letters. This is used when the sender wants to send one copy of the email to others.


A subject is all about why the letter is written.


The salutation in a formal email is mostly ‘Respected Sir/Madam’, ‘To Whom it May Concern’ etc. If you are writing to a colleague or a department in the office, write ‘Hi Team’ as the salutation. You can also use ‘Dear Ravi’ if you are writing to a colleague.


Start with the introduction of the letter. Here, the receiver will understand why the mail is written. This part is where you can add text, but it should be short and to the point. The body of the email will be different depending on what the topic is about.


The conclusion is the last message you write in the body part of the email.


This involves the name of the sender. You can use some salutations in the signature such as ‘Regards’, ‘Best regards’, ‘Yours loving’, and ‘Yours sincerely.

c.People You Write Formal Letters To

A formal letter is usually written in a formal language and follows a certain format. Formal letters are written for official reasons to teachers, colleagues, etc. and not to friends or family.

Next, you will learn how to write a formal letter in English


Subject: Meet the new teacher Hi Students, This is to introduce you to Mr. Suresh Kumar, who is going to be your new science teacher today. He will provide all kinds of support and assistance to his students. Everybody, feel free to meet him in person and welcome him to your class. Best regards, Shilpi Arora

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