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What Is Diary Writing?

A diary is a place where one can record the personal events or experiences an individual has faced in their day-to-day life. It can be an experience, memory, or something the writer has gone through that he or she keeps as a record, a keeper of all the life events or experiences. People can also write about their individual traits, likes, dislikes, and ways of life. There is a specific diary entry format that students can follow.

1.What Is Diary Entry for the Most Memorable Day of the Year?

   A Diary entry for the most memorable day means writing about the events that took place on that day. Also, you have to mention why that particular day is memorable for you.

2.Points to Start With a Diary Entry

    • Mention the time and date of the entry.
    • Giving a title or heading to the entry is not compulsory.
    • Keep the tone informal and personal.
    • End or close the diary with your signature or name.


    • There is no fixed rule on the tone of writing, so be yourself and be open about your feelings or about events conveying facts, information and ideas etc.

The first part of a diary entry should have the day, date, and time of the entry. Next is the salutation, where you can address the diary, followed by the main body. The last is the signature of the writer.


3. Sample: Diary Entry on Memorable Day of my Life

The summer vacations have just begun. Write a diary entry about your plans to spend the summer holidays.

24 May 2022, Tuesday

11:00 am

Dear Diary,

Today, I am very happy as the summer vacations have begun. I have thought about some plans for how I will be spending my holidays. For today, as dad is at home by evening, we will be visiting a zoo and go boating. I am excited to spend the day with my whole family. I remember that last year my holidays were not very interesting. So, I look forward to having a fun vacation.



4. Steps to Make a Good Diary Entry

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