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What is Email Writing?

Email is the electronic mail sent using email addresses which is the fastest and most important part of communication. There are two types of email writing, formal and informal.

Before we learn how to write an email, let’s first focus on the elements of the format. Whatever the content of the mail is, the format will be similar. It is the tone that changes depending on whether it is formal or informal.

1) Email Format

    Let us take a look at the email format below to follow while writing to a friend.

Let’s know the format. Let’s understand the function of each element in the email.

2) Email Address:

An email address means the space where the recipient’s mail address needs to be filled. The email address is of the utmost importance before you send any email. The sender, as well as the receiver, should have an appropriate email address. Email addresses are short-made, and make sure you fill in a proper email address. A single typo can cause the message to be delivered to someone else or fail to reach the intended recipient.

Note: If you don’t have an email ID, then with the help of your parents or teacher, you can create one.


3) Subject:

The subject or subject line of your email should be clear and short, and specific.

Avoid using lengthy sentences in the subject line itself. A subject line should give the receiver a fair understanding of the body of the email. Assign a subject line that recaps your email.

The subject box is just below the “To” box and is named “Subject.” It will give your friend a rough idea of the purpose of your email. If you’re writing an email to invite your friend to your birthday party, the subject could be “My birthday party invitation.”


4) Greeting in the First Line:

Start the email with a greeting with short messages like “Hi”, “Hello”, “Hey”, etc. In the next line, you can ask, for example, “How are you doing?” or “Hope you are doing well”.

Body of Email Writing: The body of an email is where you write about the main message. Here I will mention the purpose of writing the email. The message should be clear and to the point. No one will read long emails. If you want to show something, then you can attach a video file or screenshot for photos by using the “attach” option in the mail.

After the introduction, convey all that you want to tell your friend. Divide the text into short paragraphs that consist of two to four sentences. This will make the email easier to read.

You can also give important updates on your life and ask about theirs. Mention exciting things about your life, and ask about theirs too.


5) Complimentary Close:After conveying the major information, you need to end the email with a short goodbye message. Finish the email wishing them good. Send kind wishes to your friend, and tell them that you hope to meet them soon.
You can write, “I hope you have a wonderful week ahead. Eagerly waiting to hear from you!”


6) Email Sign-off: When you close an email, make sure you add appropriate sign-offs depending on the relationship you have with the recipient, for example, “Sincerely”, “With love”, “best regards”, or “best wishes”. Thereafter, you need to add your name or signature.


7) Read Your Email: Check your email. After you’ve finished your email, go through it once or twice and check for grammar and spelling mistakes. Ensure that you have given the correct email address.


Email Format Sample

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