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I. Who Is a Best Friend?

Write a small general introduction on best friends and their role in life.


  1. Who Is Your Best Friend?

    Describe your best friend including details like the name of your friend, his or her age, etc. Mention what that person does, for instance, whether your best friend is your classmate or from a different class and school or somebody from your family like your sibling or mother or dad or grandparents.

  2. How Long You Two Are Friends?

    Pen details like how long you know each other, how you two became best of friends.

  3. What Do You Do Together?

    What are the activities you both do together? Do you play together, watch television together or eat together or go out? Mention those details while writing your essay.

  4. Why Do You Think He/She Is Your Best Friend?

    Say about the reasons why he/she is your best friend. You can mention the qualities of your best friend that you like.

  5. What Are the Hobbies of Your Best Friend?

    Write about the hobbies of your best friend. Mention what they like to do in their free time. Mention whether your friend’s hobbies influenced or inspired you to start engaging in or practicing them.

  6. Likes/Dislikes/Preferences

    Give details like what your best friend likes with regard to food, movies, music, games, colour, and so on.


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