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A masterclass where our little cricket enthusiasts came together on ground to unravel the mysteries of spin bowling at 'The Art of Spin’ hosted by the legendary Ajantha Mendis. With a lineup of intriguing sessions, our masterclass promised an enriching experience for all attendees.

Ajantha Mendis took center stage to unravel the secrets behind his unique and unusual way of spinning the cricket ball. Our aspiring spinners and cricket enthusiasts had the opportunity to learn the methods of spin bowling from this true legend.

Engaged in a lively exchange of ideas and learnings, champs had their curious questions answered by Ajantha Mendis. This masterclass provided a platform for a direct interaction with the Mystery Spinner, allowing our little fans to gain deeper insights into the world of spin bowling and cricket.

Our Orchidians also got motivational insights into the life and career of Ajantha Mendis through his conversations. Discovering the challenges, triumphs, and untold stories that shaped the journey of this cricket icon.

‘The art of spin’ was more than just a masterclass; it was a celebration of skill that defines the world of spin bowling. Until we meet again for another exciting chapter in the realm of sports, let the sporting spirit continue to captivate and inspire us all! 

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