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Enthusia, where young talents from diverse backgrounds come together to showcase their unique skills and creativity. With a range of exciting events, Enthusia promises a day filled with joy and excitement for all our young participants.

Pick and Speak - Giving young orators the opportunity to express their thoughts and ideas on various engaging topics.

Dance - Watch as young dancers sway and twirl, captivating everyone with their exciting performances

Music - Listen to the music of budding musicians as they fill the air with melodies that touch the soul.

Fancy Dress - Behold as children step into the shoes of their cherished characters, bringing the stage to life. 

Fashion Show with Parents - Witness the dazzling 'Fashion Show with Parents' as kids and their proud parents sashay down the runway.

An event where we celebrated the young achievers at Enthusia, where every participant was a winner. Cherishing the joy and spirit of the day, we acknowledge and appreciate the exceptional talents and efforts of each and every participant.

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Pick and Speak
Fancy Dress
Fashion Show with Parents

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