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2D Shapes Question

1) Find the Number of Sides and the Name of the Shape of the Cyclopentane.

Here we get the shape of Cyclopentane as,

So, the number of sides is 5, and the shape's name is Pentagon.

2) Write the Number of Sides and the Name of the Shape of the Given Organic Compound Cyclopropane.

From the given figure

The number of sides is 3, and the shape's name is Triangle.

3) The Number of Sides in the Shape of Cyclohexane Is:

  1. 6
  2. 5
  3. 7
  4. 4

And What Is the Name of This Shape?

The shape of Cyclohexane is:

It has 6 sides.
Correct option is option i) 6.
The name of the shape is Hexagon.

4) Fill In the Blank With the Shape Name

Here the answer is,

5) Write the Name of the Organic Compound Whose Bond Line Shape Is Square.

The bond line of the organic compound Cyclobutane is,

And the above figure is a square.

So, the required organic compound is Cyclobutane.

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