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Nets of 3D shapes

Nets of 3D Shapes for Class 5 Maths

Nets of 3d shapes show us the opened-out flat diagram of geometrical shapes. Here students will learn about nets of solid shapes.

In this learning concept, the students will also learn to

  • Classify cube nets, nets of cuboids.
  • Identify nets cylinder and nets of the cone.
  • Evaluate the cube net diagram, cuboid net diagram, cylinder net diagram, and net diagram of the cone.

Each concept is explained to class 5 maths students using illustrations, examples, and mind maps. Students can assess their learning by solving the two printable worksheets given at the page’s end.

Download the class 5 maths nets of 3d shapes worksheet and check the solutions to the nets of 3d shapes question for class 5 provided in PDF format.


 Nets of Solid Shapes:

  • A three-dimensional shape can be made by folding 2D shapes.
  • When a three-dimensional solid is unfolded a two-dimensional shape is obtained.
  • Those 2D solids which are used to make a 3D shape are called .


  Cube Nets:

  • A cube has 6 faces.
  • Each face of the cube is a square. Therefore, when a cube is unfolded it will give 6 squares.
  • There are 11 nets of a cube.
  • The figure of each net is shown below.

    Not every net which has 6 square faces can be folded into a cube.



Nets of Cuboid:

  • A cuboid has 6 faces.
  • Each face of the cuboid is a rectangle. Therefore, when a cuboid is unfolded it will give 6 rectangles.
  • There are 54 different nets of the cuboid.
  • Few nets of the cuboid are shown below.

    Not every net which has 6 rectangular faces can be folded into a cuboid.



 Net of Cylinder

  • A cylinder has 3 faces.
  • Two of the faces are circular and one is rectangular.
  • Therefore, when a cylinder is unfolded it will give 2 circles and 1 rectangle.

    The figure given below cannot be folded into a cylinder.


 Net of Cone

  • A cone has 2 faces.
  • One curved face and one flat face.
  • A net of cones has two parts:
  • One is the circle which represents the flat part.
  • The second one is the sector which represents the curved part.
  • Therefore, when a cone is unfolded it will give one circle and one sector.

The net given below cannot be folded to a cone.

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