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What Is BC and AD?

When we talk about the Indian history timeline, we always use the terms BC and AD to refer to the period when a particular event occurred.

In the timeline, time is measured from the birth of Jesus Christ. Using this system, they describe any event they require.

Full form:

12 BC = 12 years before Christ. Years BC counts backwards.

It means that years with larger value BC happened before years with smaller value years BC.


Julius Caesar
Born: 100 BC
Died: 44BC

Years AD count forwards.

AD 45 = 45 years after the birth of Christ.
AD starts just after Jesus’s birth, not his death.

Important Rules:

  • BC is placed after the number.


25 BC, 366 BC

  • AD is placed before the number.


AD 454, AD 321.

  • There is no ‘Year 0’ in history.
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