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First Day at School Nursery Poem for Toddlers

first day at school

“First Day at School” is a simple delightful poem that makes the reality of every kid's first school experience. The poem was penned by Aileen Fisher who has put on her ideas as a typical thought of a child going to school for the very first time. The poem is very engaging with an easy understanding of the school atmosphere and the oscillation of thought like how the teacher, colleagues, and other students do at their very first time at school.

First Day at School Nursery Rhyme With Lyrics

I wonder 

if my drawing

will be as good as theirs.

I wonder

if they’ll like me

or just be full of stares.

I wonder

if my teacher

will look like Mom or Gran.

I wonder

if my puppy will wonder

where I am.

Summary of the Poem

The poem “First Day at School '' continues the word Wonder in all four stanzas in the way to show the real expression of every child’s first day of school. They all are distressed about every thing including their drawing, their looks, and their teachers wondering if will they look like their grandma or mother who used to pamper them at home but now the child at school seeking their presence in teachers and mostly at last stanza the kid think about his/her dog which was all the day been with them despite now there are away from them. The poem has rhyming words like theirs-stares and gran-am. The poem is fully in the perception of a child on the first day at school.

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