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The poem “Merry-Go-Round” was penned by Dorothy W. Baruch for the kids who enjoy their childhood rides on excursion rides. Merry Go Round poem narrates about a ride for kids created for fun and enjoyment riding up on the big brown horse seaters that rounds high and low in circular motion. Kids usually enjoy all the rides. Here the writer narrates the poem in the perception of kids having fun with merry go round. The poem has the repetition of “around and round” which the kid explains about the journey on the merry go round experience to the readers also making them go for a ride to go around and round.

I climbed up on the merry-go-round,

And it went round and round.

I climbed up on a big brown horse,

And it went up and down.

Around and round

And up and down,

Around and round

And up and down.

I sat high up

On a big brown horse

And rode around

On the merry-go-round

And rode around

On the merry-go-round

I rode around

On the merry-go-round


And round

And Round

Meaning of The Poem  

Meaning of  merry-go-round is nothing but a type of carousel with a circular platform that has several horses or other figures attached. It is usually driven by an electric motor. It is frequently found at fairs and amusement parks and is intended for youngsters and kids to ride. Since its invention in Italy in the eighteenth century, merry-go-rounds have gained popularity all over the world. Although horses are a common part of a conventional merry-go-round, many contemporary carousels also contain other characters, such as animals, fantastical creatures, or even cars. A typical merry-go-round ride lasts for a few minutes, during which the carousel rotates in a circle and each rider switches between horses. The journey is enjoyable and soothing.

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