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My Cat is Fat

My cat is fat

Introduction to My Cat is Fat Poem

Poems are one of the only ways to enhance their gaining knowledge of adventure. Rhythmic and significant poems now not simplest captivate a kid's hobby however additionally aid in memorization and knowledge of the language and the world around them.

Engaging with poems and memories is a super approach to help your infant hold close the nuances of the dialect. If you're searching for delightful English poems for children, you’ve come to the right place. Children are clearly drawn to rhyming poems, and a nicely-crafted poem can offer profound insights while being exciting to recite. Teaching your toddler poems can preserve them and nurture a love for gaining knowledge of.

In this segment, we've curated a number of the great English poems that your infant will love to recite, starting with our captivating "My Cat is Fat" collection or cat poems. These poems are positive to pleasure and encourage your toddler!

My Cat is Fat Poem for Kids 

I’ve a cat named Vesters,

And he eats all day.

He always lays around,

And never wants to play.


Not even with a squeaky toy,

Nor anything that moves.

When I have him exercise,

He always disapproves.

So we’ve put him on a diet,

But now he yells all day.

And even though he’s thinner,

He still won’t come and play.

FAQs About "My Cat is Fat"

1. Who is the main character in the poem?

The main character in the poem is Vesters, the cat.

2. What do Vesters do all day?

Vesters eat all day and lay around, showing no interest in playing.

3. How do Vesters react to toys and movement?

Vesters do not play with squeaky toys or anything that moves. He disapproves of any form of exercise.

4. What solution did the owner try to help Vesters lose weight?

The owner put Vesters on a diet to help him lose weight.

5. Did Vesters become more active after losing weight?

No, even though Vesters became thinner, he still refused to play.

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