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The Alphabet Song Nursery Rhyme

alphabet song

The "Alphabet Song" originated in the early 19th century in the United States, borrowing its melody from the French tune "Ah, vous dirai-je, maman." Designed to aid children in learning the English alphabet, its simple lyrics and catchy tune have made it a timeless and widely used tool in early childhood education worldwide.

The Alphabet Song Nursery Poem For Kids

In the world of letters, come along, let's play,

With A to Z, in a merry array.

It's the Alphabet Song, in a joyful rhyme,

Learning letters has never been this sublime.


A is for Apple, so juicy and red,

B is for Ball, bouncing high over your head.

C is for Cat, with a purr and a meow,

D is for Dog, always ready to bow.


E is for Elephant, big and so strong,

F is for Flower, where honeybees throng.

G is for Giraffe, with its neck so tall,

H is for Hat, worn by one and all.


I is for Ice cream, a sweet, chilly treat,

J is for Jump, with both of your feet.

K is for Kite, soaring high in the sky,

L is for Lion, with a fierce, roaring cry.


M is for Moon, glowing bright in the night,

N is for Nest, where birds sleep so tight.

O is for Octopus, with arms long and free,

P is for Penguin, waddling by the sea.


Q is for Queen, in her regal attire,

R is for Rainbow, a colorful spire.

S is for Sun, with its golden ray,

T is for Turtle, slow and steady all day.


U is for Unicorn, magical and rare,

V is for Violin, playing a tune in the air.

W is for Whale, in the deep ocean blue,

X is for Xylophone, a musical clue.


Y is for Yellow, like the sun up above,

Z is for Zebra, with black and white stripes, we love.


So sing along with glee, from beginning to end,

The Alphabet Song, a lifelong friend.

Learning letters and words, it's a wonderful start,

For the journey of knowledge, the key to every heart.

History of Alphabet Song:

This alphabet-themed poem is part of a rich educational tradition dating back centuries. Such poems help young learners memorize the English alphabet through playful associations. What's intriguing is how each letter is linked to a vivid word and image, aiding children's letter-object connections. By using animals, nature, and everyday items, it follows a universal approach to early learning, transcending cultural barriers. These poems remain vital in early education, laying a strong foundation for language and literacy skills in an enjoyable and memorable fashion.

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