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The days of the month

days of the month poem

What is the poem about the months?

The Days of the Month, popularly known as "Thirty Days Hath September," is a rhyme that helps you remember how many days are in each month name in english. The poem list out few month names that counts thirty days.

The Days of the Month Poem Lyrics

Thirty days hath September,

April, June, and November,

February has twenty-eight alone.

All the rest have thirty-one,

Excepting leap-year—that’s the time

When February’s days are twenty-nine.

The days of the month poem summary

This classic rhyme is a mnemonic device, a tool used to aid memory. It helps people remember the number of days in each month by associating them with the rhyme's verses. The first line, "Thirty days hath September," tells us that September has 30 days. Then, it goes on to list the months of April, June, and November, which also have 30 days. The next line, "All the rest have thirty-one," indicates that all the other months have 31 days. However, February is an exception, as stated in the following lines. It normally has 28 days, but during leap years, it has 29 days. This rhyme is a helpful tool for children and adults alike to quickly recall the number of days in each month, making it easier to plan and remember dates and events throughout the year.

Month names in English

Here are the names of the month in a year,

1. January

2. February

3. March

4. April

5. May

6. June

7. July

8. August

9. September

10. October

11. November

12. December

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Why is it important for children to learn about the days of the month?

   - Understanding the calendar helps children develop time management skills and enhances their overall organization and planning abilities.

2. How can parents use this poem to teach their children about the days of the month?

   - Parents can recite the rhyme with their children and discuss the significance of each month, making learning about the calendar fun and interactive.

3. Are there any other educational benefits to teaching children through poetry?

   - Yes, poetry enhances language skills, stimulates creativity, and fosters emotional intelligence, making it a valuable tool for holistic development.

4. What age group is this poem suitable for?

   - This poem is suitable for children of various age groups, from preschoolers learning about the months to older children refining their memory skills.

5. Can teachers incorporate this poem into their curriculum?

   - Absolutely! Teachers can use this poem as a fun and educational activity during calendar lessons, helping students memorize the days of the month in an engaging way.

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