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The Purple Cow

The Purple Cow

The Purple Cow

I have never seen a Purple Cow for real,

And truly‚ don't believe I ever will,

But you know what?

rather see one than be one."

FAQ About "The Purple Cow"

Q: Who wrote the poem "The Purple Cow" poem ?

A: "The Purple Cow" was written by Gelett Burgess, a poet, artist, and comedian.

Q: When was  "The Purple Cow" published?

A: "The Purple Cow" was first published back in 1895.

Q: Can you describe the main theme of the poem?

A: In the essence of being different from others, an individual will be viewed in a discriminated manner.

Q: Why did they color the cow purple?

A:To underscore its utter absurdity and originality since no actual purple cow exists.

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