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The Spider and The Fly

The spider and the fly

The Spider and the Fly

A cunning spider, spun with care,

His web of silver threads is so uncommon.

Upon a morn, a fly drew near,

Her wings a-buzz, her mind doubtful.


"Oh, pretty Fly, come relaxation with me,

Within my net, your home will be.

So warm and smooth, an area to lie,

No harm shall come to you," stated the sly.


The Fly, she paused and regarded around,

The net's attraction, a sight profound.

"But Spider, I actually have heard it said,

That flies like me can also end up dead."


"Oh, nonsense expensive, such tales untrue,

My net is safe, I welcome you.

With silken sheets and gentle air,

You'll find no region so candy and fair."


The Fly, although wary, felt the pull,

The spider's phrases, persuasive, complete.

She fluttered near, with wary tread,

And quickly within the internet.


The spider grinned, his fangs revealed,

The Fly’s fate is now all but sealed.

He wrapped her tight in threads of white,

And as a consequence changed into lost the Fly’s last flight.


The moral right here, for folks that see,

Is a warning in the phrases that be.

For flattery can masks a lie,

And lead the trusting to a sigh.

FAQ about The Spider and the Fly poem 

Q1: What is the principle subject of the poem?

The main subject matter of the poem is the threat of flattery and deceit. It warns towards trusting folks who use candy words to conceal their genuine intentions.

Q2: What is the moral of The Spider and the Fly?

The poem teaches that one should be careful and not effortlessly swayed with the aid of flattery or persuasive phrases, as those can frequently be used to mislead and take advantage of others.

Q3: Who are the primary characters inside the poem?

The main characters inside the poem are the Spider and the Fly. The Spider represents foxy and deceit, whilst the Fly represents innocence and naivety.

Q4: How does The Spider and the Fly end?

The Spider persuades the Fly with the aid of using flattering and reassuring words, convincing her that his web is a safe and snug place to relax.

Q5: What takes place to the Fly at the give up of the poem?

At the end of the poem, the Fly is deceived via the Spider's flattery, gets trapped in his internet, and in the end meets her loss of life.

Q6: How does the poem's shape make a contribution to its message?

The poem's shape, with its rhyming couplets and rhythmic drift, mirrors the misleading ease with which the Spider ensnares the Fly, improving the evaluation between the Spider's candy words and his sinister intentions.

Q7: Why is it vital to be cautious of flattery, in line with the poem?

According to the poem, it is important to be cautious of flattery because it is able to be a device used by deceitful individuals to manipulate and exploit others, leading to dangerous effects.

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