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All About Earth

1. What is the percentage of land and water on Earth?

  • About 71% of the Earth is covered with water, and the rest, 29%, is covered with land.
  • If we divide the planet Earth into four equal parts, then three parts are made up of water, and one is made up of land.
  • This is the reason why Earth is called the blue planet.
percentage of land and water on earth

2. What Is an Orbit?

  • An orbit is an elliptical track on which a planet or a satellite moves around a star.
  • Example: Movement of the Earth around the Sun and the Moon around the Earth.

3. What Is the Difference Between Rotation and Revolution?

The differences between rotation and revolution are as follows:

Rotation Revolution
1. The movement of the Earth around its axis is called rotation. 1. The movement of the Earth around the Sun is called revolution.
2. The occurrence of day and night on Earth is due to the rotation of the Earth. 2. The occurrence of different seasons throughout the year is due to the revolution of the Earth.

4. What Is the Meaning of the Atmosphere?

  • Layers of gases surround the Earth called the atmosphere.
  • The atmosphere comprises gases like nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, argon and helium.
  • Different layers of the atmosphere have different names.

5. How Many Natural Satellites Move Around the Earth?

  • Only one natural satellite or Moon moves around the Earth.
  • Apart from the Moon, many other artificial satellites move around the Earth.
Moon- Natural satellite

6. What Is the Highest and Lowest Point on the Earth?

  • The highest point on the Earth is Mt. Everest in Nepal.
  • The height of this peak is 8848 metres from sea level.
  • The Dead Sea, located in the Middle East, is the lowest point on Earth (not underwater).
Highest and lowest point on Earth
Highest and lowest point on Earth


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