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Animal Facts

1) Write note on given image.

  • Birds like the eagle are big. They can spread their wings on a larger area.
  • Such larger wings can help the big birds fly high and glide or float.
  • This way, they save the energy of their bodies.
  • Small birds like hummingbirds need to flap their wings continuously to hover in one place.
  • The wings of smaller birds are not capable of keeping them floating without flapping.

2)  Give a Brief about Grasshopper ?

  • Insects do not have ears like the ones we have. But still, they can hear the slightest sounds in their surroundings.
  • Insects have antennae on their heads which help them to gather sound waves.

3) Honey Bees Work Tremendously To Collect Nectar. How Do Honeybees Communicate?

  • Honey bees communicate through the waggle dance, i.e., random dance movements.
  • They also use odour to communicate. They release chemical substances called pheromones which have a specific smell and are identified by the other fellow bees.

4) Write note on given image.

  • Birds have feathers on their bodies. The birds preen them and maintain the feathers by cleaning them.
  • These feathers need to be dry so the bird can fly properly. Dust baths help to keep them dry.



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