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Animal Habitats

1) What Would Happen if the Population of Tigers in a Jungle Increased?

  • If the population of tigers increases in a jungle, the competition for space and food between the tigers will increase.
  • The population of herbivores which are preyed on by the tigers would decrease.

2) How Do the Ducks Remain Dry Even After Staying in the Water for a Long Time?

  • The outer covering of the duck's body contains glands that secrete oil.
  • This oil coats the duck's feathers and keeps them dry even if it stays in the water for a long.

3) Some Birds, Like the Flamingo, Cranes, etc., Are Not Visible Throughout the Year. What Happens to Them When They Are Not Around?

  • The birds like flamingos and cranes are migratory birds originally from tropical and subtropical areas which experience extreme cold during winters.
  • These birds migrate to warm places during such conditions and go back to their native places once the climate is favourable. Hence, they are not visible throughout the year.
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