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Animal Offspring

1) Name the Young Ones of the Following Animals-

Eagle, Swan, Zebra, Pig, Rhino, Turkey, Alligator, Alpaca,
Ant, Beluga, Butterfly, Cockroach, Clam

The names of the following animals are:

  • Eagle- Eaglet
  • Swan- Cygnet
  • Zebra- Foal
  • Pig- Piglet
  • Rhino- Calf
  • Turkey- Poult
  • Aliigator-Hatching
  • Alpaca-Cria
  • Ant- Antling
  • Beluga- Calf
  • Butterfly- Caterpillar
  • Cockroach- Nymph
  • Clam- Larva
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