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1) Why Do Kangaroos Have Pouches on Their Bodies?

  • Kangaroo is a marsupial.
  • The body of marsupials is characterized by additional skin folds, making a pouch-like structure.
  • They use this bag-like structure to protect their young ones until they grow enough to care for themselves.
  • Their babies feed on their mother's milk by hopping into the pouch.

2) Why Do Some Animals Glow in Dark?

  • The animals that can glow in the dark have a compound in their bodies called luciferin.
  • This compound glows when it comes in contact with oxygen.
  • The animals glow for the following reasons:
    • Defend themselves from predators
    • Surprise and catch their prey
    • Attract mates
    • To blend in their surroundings and hide

3) Why Do Kangaroos Have Pouches on Their Bodies?

  • Snakes have a different organ called Jacobson's organ situated above the rooves of their heads.
  • This organ senses smell when the snakes flick their tongues.
  • Snakes are adapted to swallow their prey without chewing them, as their upper and lower jaws are not joined and can expand freely.
  • They swallow and digest their prey inside their body with the help of digestive juices.

4) What Is the Purpose of Black and White Stripes on the Body of Zebras?

  • Scientists believe that the white and black coloured stripes help the zebras to avoid bites from deadly flies in the wild.
  • These stripes keep on changing depending on the climate. The zebras in warmer weather develop more stripes, which helps keep their bodies cool.

5) Why Do Kangaroos Have Pouches on Their Bodies?

  • Playing dead suddenly is a technique performed by the animals to defend themselves from a threat in their surroundings.
  • This fools the predator and helps them to protect themselves from being preyed on.

6) Why Does a Crocodile Have Thick Skin? Can It Sense the Touch?

  • Crocodiles are reptiles, and the skin of reptiles has an additional protein that makes their skin thick and rough.
  • This is a structural adaptation to avoid loss of water from the skin.
  • Despite the thickness of the skin, crocodiles have an excellent sense of touch.
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