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Atoms and Molecules

1) What Is Intermolecular Space? How Does It Vary in Solids, Liquids and Gases?

  • Atoms combine to form molecules. The space between the adjacent molecules in a particular state of matter is called intermolecular space.
  • The intermolecular space is the least in solids. Liquids have more intermolecular space than solids. Due to this reason, liquids can flow easily and assume the shape of a container.
  • Gases have the maximum intermolecular spaces. As a result, gases do not have a fixed shape or volume.
  • The hardness of a substance depends on the force of attraction between the atoms.
  • The atoms of iron have strong intermolecular forces which hold them together. On the other hand, the intermolecular force between the atoms in chalk is relatively less, which makes it brittle.
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