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Atoms and Molecules

1) What Are Atoms? Why Are They Called the Basic Structures of Matter?

  • Atoms are the smallest indivisible parts of matter.
  • Atoms are elementary particles which come together to form molecules which combine to form matter.
  • Since an atom cannot be divided further into small particles, it is called the basic structure of matter.

2) Does the Atom or the Molecule of a Particular Matter Have Its Own Colour?

  • Atom or molecule does not reflect a visible light that the eyes can see.
  • We cannot see the colour of a single atom or molecule, because it is too faint to be noticed by the eyes.
  • Hence it can be concluded that they do not have a specific colour.

3) Why Do Oil and Water Not Mix?

  • For any liquid to dissolve in water, it should be capable of breaking the bonds between the atoms of a water molecule.
  • This cannot be done by the fat or oil molecules found in oil; hence it does not dissolve in water.

4) Aluminium and Iron Are Both Metals. 1 kg of Aluminium Needs More Space Than 1 kg of Iron. Why So?

  • Iron occupies less space than aluminium as the molecules of iron metal are compactly packed, making iron dense.
  • In the case of aluminium, the molecules are loosely packed. Hence, they occupy more space as compared to iron molecules.
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