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Celestial Bodies

1) Explain Why the Asteroids Are Not Spherical Like the Planets.

  • Asteroids are smaller (a few inches to a few kilometres in diameter) irregular objects that revolve around the Sun.
  • They do not have a liquid core like planets and lack gravity.
  • Due to the lack of gravity, they cannot pull material from the surroundings uniformly and hence do not attain a spherical shape.

2) What Is a Meteor Shower? Explain Why Meteors Rarely Reach the Earth’s Surface.

  • The meteor shower is a celestial phenomenon characterised by the appearance of many meteors together in the sky, originating from one point in the sky.
  • Meteors are of small size and get burned up completely while crossing the Earth's atmosphere.
  • Only huge-sized meteors can sustain through the atmospheric heat and reach the surface of the Earth, which is rare.

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