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Cells and Tissues

1) Why Cell Wall Is Present in Plant Cell Whereas Absent in Animal Cell?

  • Plants cannot move like animals; instead, they grow and develop in a fixed place.
  • For this reason plants cannot protect themselves from harsh weather conditions and other types of physical stress.
  • So, plants have an additional layer over their cells called the cell wall. It is a rigid, waxy and hard structure that protects the cells and the other components of the cell.

2) Why Are Some Plastids Termed Chloroplasts?

  • Some plastids are termed chloroplasts because of the presence of chlorophyll.
  • Chlorophyll is a green pigment that helps in trapping sunlight during photosynthesis.


3) Which Cellular Component Is Called the ‘Powerhouse of the Cell’?

  • Mitochondria are called the ‘powerhouse of the cell’ because they are the organs of cellular respiration.
  • They produce energy from the food after digestion.

4) Why Nucleus Is Called the Brain of the Cell?

  • The nucleus is called the ‘brain’ of the cell because it is the centre of vital cellular activities like cell division.
  • It also controls the functioning of cell organelles.
  • The nucleus contains genetic materials that determine certain physical characteristics like eye colour, height, skin colour etc.

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