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Composition of Human Body

1) How Do Dairy Products Like Milk and Cheese Help in the Growth and Development of Bones and Teeth?

  • Milk and cheese are rich in calcium.
  • Calcium helps in the calcification of bones. It is a process that makes our bones and teeth stronger by continuous calcium deposition.
  • Hence, dairy products like milk and cheese play a vital role in the growth and development of bones and teeth.

2) What Will Happen if We Do Not Drink Water for a Few Days?

  • Both arteries and veins are connected to the heart to facilitate blood flow from the heart to various body organs.
  • The arteries carry blood away from the heart, whereas the veins carry blood toward the heart

3) Can a Low Level of Oxygen in the Blood Cause a Brain Stroke?

  • Yes, a low level of oxygen in the blood can cause a brain stroke.
  • Blood carries oxygen to the organs of the human body. It is essential as oxygen is required for energy production in the cells of various organs.
  • The brain is a vital organ that helps in coordination, movement and remembering. It is sensitive to the level of oxygen in the blood. The cells of the brain start dying in less than 5 minutes in the absence of a sufficient amount of oxygen. As a result, it leads to brain stroke.
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