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Difference Between Acquired and Inherited Traits

Question 1:

What Are Sex Chromosomes?


  • The chromosomes which are responsible for the determination of the sex of a person are called sex chromosomes.
  • In humans, X and Y are sex chromosomes.
  • The combination of XX chromosomes leads to a female child, whereas XY chromosomes lead to a male child.


Question 2:

How Are Genetic Disorders Transferred in a Family for Generations?


  • Genetic disorders are transferred along with the passage of genes from one generation to another.
  • It is not necessary that every member of the future generation would suffer from the same disease.
  • In some cases, the disease stays hidden due to different combinations of genes.
  • It may again express itself in the future generation when the combination or pairing of genes changes.


Question 3:

People Living in the Mountains Have High Levels of Haemoglobin in Their Blood. Why? Do You Think It Is a Genetic Trait?People Living in the Mountains Have High Levels of Haemoglobin in Their Blood. Why? Do You Think It Is a Genetic Trait?


  • Haemoglobin plays a vital role in the transfer of oxygen in our bodies.
  • As we go to height or ascend on mountains, the air becomes thinner, which leads to a fall in oxygen level in the air.
  • The body compensates for the same by building a large number of red blood cells so that they can work to transport more amount of oxygen.
  • The rise in red blood cells leads to an increase in haemoglobin.
  • It is a change which occurs due to external factors. Hence, it is an acquired trait.


Question 4:

How the Combination of Genes Plays a Role in the Expression of Dominant and Recessive Traits?


  • Genes occur in pairs.
  • Out of the pair, one gene represents a dominant trait and the other a recessive trait.
  • The expression of traits depends on their combination. There are the following possibilities—
Possible combination Trait
One gene of dominant trait, and the other of a recessive trait Dominant
Both the genes of a dominant trait Dominant
Both the genes of recessive traits Recessive


Question 5:

Why Do Acquired Traits Not Pass From One Generation to Another?


  • Acquired traits do not alter the genetic make-up of an individual.
  • For example, the building of muscles is because of exercise, not because of any genetic alteration. Similarly, the piercing of ears has nothing to do with genes.
  • Hence, acquired traits do not pass from one generation to another.
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