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Different Types of Birds and Their Habitat

1) What Kind of Beak Does a Kingfisher Have?

  • Kingfishers have long and dagger-like beaks.
  • Their beaks are elongated, which helps them hunt fish.

2) What Is a Flipper? Name a Few Animals Except Birds That Have Flippers.

  • A flipper is a flattened limb-like structure which helps in swimming.
  • Animals that have been adapted to aquatic locomotion have flippers.
  • Sea lions, walruses, seals, penguins and turtles have flippers which help them swim.


3) How Do Ducks Strain Foods From Excess Water and Other Inedible Objects?

  • Ducks have flattened wide beaks.
  • Around the edge of the beaks, they have small teeth-like structures called lamellae.
  • These lamellae help them strain small insects, worms and plants out of the water, which acts as food for them.


4) Do You Know About an Edible Bird’s Nest?

  • The swiftlets of Southeast Asia make edible nests.
  • They prepare their nests with their saliva at the sides of cliffs.
  • These nests are treated as a delicacy.
  • A dish called bird’s nest soup is prepared with these nests, making it one of the most expensive foods in the world.

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