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Different Types of Respiratory Organs in Animals

1) What Is the Difference Between Breathing and Respiration?

Breathing is the exchange of gases that involves the lungs and the other organs of the respiratory system. Respiration is the process of production of energy by burning digested food which involves cells of the body.
Breathing is a physical process. Respiration is a chemical process.
Breathing is a voluntary process, i.e., it can be controlled. Respiration is an involuntary process and cannot be controlled.

2) What Happens to the Oxygen Once It Reaches the Gills of Fish?

  • The gills of fish are provided with a dense network of blood vessels like lungs.
  • After the oxygen reaches the gills, the exchange of gases takes place.
  • The oxygen diffuses into the blood, and carbon dioxide diffuses out.

3) Why Is Oxygen Necessary for Our Body?

  • Oxygen is required for the production of energy from the digested food.
  • Hence, it plays a vital role in the proper functioning, growth, and development of the body.
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