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Disadvantages of Friction

1.Why Is Oil Applied to the Window and Door Hinges?

  • The oil acts as a lubricant.
  • Oil is applied on the hinges of doors and windows to reduce friction.
  • Without lubricants, the hinges do not work correctly due to increased friction. Also, they wear and tear after a short period.

2.What is Anti-skid tiles?

  • Anti-skid tiles have a rough surface which helps in increasing the friction even when the surface is covered with water.
  • This helps to prevent accidental slips on the wet bathroom floor.

3.Why Can an Object Dipped in Honey Not Move Faster Than an Object Dipped in Water?

  • The fluid friction exerted due to the presence of a fluid depends on the viscosity of a liquid.
  • Viscosity is the property of fluid by which it opposes the motion between its different layers.
  • The Higher the density, the higher is the viscosity.
  • Since honey is thicker and denser than water, it produces more fluid friction, making the movement difficult.

4.When Kicked on an Elevated Land and Football Field, Football Simultaneously Took Different Times to Cover the Same Distance. State the Reason for the Same.

  • In both cases, football experiences different types of friction.
  • While moving on elevated land, it experiences sliding friction.
  • Whereas static friction plays a role on a flat surface.
  • The magnitude of sliding friction is lesser than that of static friction.
  • Hence the ball takes less time to cover the same distance on elevated land than on a flat surface.

5.What is Motor Oil?

  • Motor oil is used to lubricate the parts of a motor engine.
  • A motor engine is made up of several small machines that produce heat due to friction when rubbed against each other.
  • This heat, if produced in large amounts, may be hazardous.
  • Adding oil reduces friction, reducing heat production and increases the longevity of machine parts.


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